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The Presence of God's Kingdom

Johnny S

“To succeed in life you have to make a choice and you have to stick to your choice. You have to make a firm decision and you have to stick to your decision.”

- Fr. Paul Fanous



Paul Hanna

"If, therefore, Scripture tells us that man was made last, after every animate thing, the lawgiver is doing nothing else than declaring to us the doctrine of the soul, considering that what is perfect comes last, according to a certain necessary sequence in the order of things: for in the rational are included the others also, while in the sensitive there also surely exists the vegetative form, and that again is conceived only in connection with what is material: thus we may suppose that nature makes an ascent as it were by steps — I mean the various properties of life — from the lower to the perfect form."

On the making of man, Chapter 8 paragraph, 7, St. Gregory of Nyssa